Hi lovatics!

Hi guys!

I’ve decided to create this blog so Demi can read your messages. I want to publish your messages to her and your stories of how she helped you. I think it will be great…

If you want your story to be published, just send it to mymessagetodemi@gmail.com

PS: if you speak French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish, you can send the message in your own language and we will translate it in English… If you want to help us translating from other languanges or correcting the translated messages if you speak English, send a mail to mymessagetodemi@gmail.com!

I hope to receive a lot of mails!


PS: follow us on twitter @mymessagetodemi


15 thoughts on “Hi lovatics!

  1. Hi Demi,
    I’m 15 years old and you’ve been my idol since I was 12. Once your a lovatic there’s no turning back. Okay so I suffers bulling all through my primary years and your music helped me through everything. On be half of all lovatics I just want you to tho that you’ve save so many life’s and you don’t know how much you’ve inspired us. Don’t let the haters get to you because there not worth your time. I’ve realised that my life won’t be perfect and I have to pick myself up.
    Thank you for being an amazing idol
    Ps- I’m a fan from Scotland

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