#21 From Jasmine to Demi

I’ve been a lovatic for a while now and I loved you since Camp Rock, but I did not know you were the one which would save 1000’s of lives, I went through a rough patch in life and I felt so alone and horrible and I turned on your music and knew that you and your music would be the ones to help me get through this I love you so much for everything including helping me be strong and get through a lot, I honestly can’t thank you enough, I love you so much ❤ xxxx


#20 From Haya to Demi

Dear Demi,
First of all, my condolences to you and Dallas. I may not know how it feels to lose a father to death, but I know how it feels to lose a father.
 You have been there for me through my hardest moments. Whenever I feel alone, I play your music. Whenever I feel like going back to my old ways, I think of you and how you believe that I am beautiful and worth it. You have honestly changed my life and left a mark on my heart.
 We may not be physically there to support you, but you’re in our prayers. You are a strong warrior, you have gone through so much but unfortunately there are things that we can’t stop, so we have to live and learn through it. With every obstacle God sends us there’s a lesson. God gives us obstacles because he loves us, and wants to see us learn and grow.
I love you Demi. Don’t let anything dim your light. My twitter is @LovaticsStyles 🙂


#19 From Leen to Demi

Dear Demi <3,

       Words cannot describe how much you and your music are an inspiration for me, I look up to you more than anyone else because you connect to us more than anyone else and what you’ve been through is what most of us are suffering from, every time I feel down and get on the edge of falling apart I just listen to your music, because you said “When you feel alone, put on my music and I’ll be there for you” and that’s what I do, and not one day passes without listening to you.
Just don’t forget how much you’ve changed in this cruel world and how many people you’ve saved because you were brave enough to show the real Demi <3. We love you no matter what and Stay Strong as you have always been we support you and always will <3. I’m sorry for your loss may your dad rest in peace ❤  
Love coming all The way from Saudi Arabia (Middle East): 
                     Leen (@LeenTheLovatic) 

#18 From Elena to Demi

Hi Demi,

I want you to know that I have been a Lovatic since camp rock, I would still watch those movies, I support your decisions in life and I’m not gonna judge you.You have saved my life and thank you for that, I want you to know that I’m struggling with similar issues as you were its really hard, I’m slowing giving up hope.Your smile makes me smile, your music makes me wanna jump around and your tweets are so emotional for me I cry every time I read them. You’re my role model, my idol and I’m so thankful that I have someone like you to look up to. I wish one day I could meet you or even see you live I would love to get an autograph and maybe even a hug, but i live in Ireland so its gonna be hard. I want to to tell you to stay strong, your Father was proud of you and I’m sorry for your loss I know its hard, I haven’t met my father cause he left me when I was only 1 month old and to this day I only have a photo of him it been 16 years ! Stay Strong that’s what you thought me so listen to your own advice with GOD looking over you everything will be fine ! Lovatics Are Here For Demi! I get emotional when i speak about you and my life, I Love You and I’m a Lovatic For Life ❤ #RIPPatrickLovato My prayers are going out to you, Dallas and everyone in your family !

#17 From Celia to Demi

Dear Demi :
Hi Demi. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve loved you a lot since I first saw you on camp rock. But then, I started following you and I really fell in love with you. But I didn’t know that that beautiful smile hid scars. But you taught me to Stay Strong and you made me smile in my hardest moments. You helped me to don’t do things that weren’t fine and healthy. So, you told me and the world to always Stay Strong… Now the world and me says Stay Strong to you. And all Lovatics. All Lovatics love you and we all want you to Stay Strong and be happy. Because it’s fair. You’re the best person in the world. And I know he’s know in a better place. I’m sure. And he’s looking at you. He loves you. And I love you too. Thank you Demi. I love you. Stay Strong. We’re here to support you always, remember ❤ #RIPPatrickLovato Rest In Peace Patrick.

#16 From Chiara to Demi

Hi Demi, my name’s Chiara and I’m Italian!! this is my message for you… first of all I want to thank you cause your voice saved and always save me,you’ve helped me in a very very difficult period of my life,and now I’m strong! you are more than my idol for me,you’re my inspiration, you are literally my guiding light in the dark,without your support (though distant but so to my heart) I can’t be who I am now, Every time that I feel alone or lost or when I can’t find the strength to go forward, turn on your music and go back to smile, thank you for making me strong I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done, you’ve always been there for me as for millions of Lovatics, now we’ll be there for you,we’ll stay with you until the end,thank you for all!!


#15 From Chelsie to Demi

You are strong! I believe you can get through this! My mom died a couple years ago and it killed me. We didn’t have the best relationship as well and I know how much it hurts but I got through it and you are a warrior and stronger than ill ever be! You will get through this!

I want to let you know that you are the strongest person I know! You have me the strength I needed to keep moving forward and that is why I want to let you know that I will always be here for you! That’s what lovatics do! We stick together and never leave! You helped us gain strength and we are here to help you see that we won’t give up and that we will always love you! My twitter is @ItsChelsieYo_  if you ever wanna creep 😏 love you dems
– Chelsie