#13 From Valentina to Demi

Hi Demi, my name is Valentina and I am Italian.

First of all, I want to thank you because of the support you gave me in these long four years in which I have known you. Honestly, you were (and are) the first person that truly believed in me. The most important thing is that you taught me to believe in myself, to love my body, but above all to love the live. Your “stay strong” is a worldwide known symbol and sometimes the importance of these two words is underrated, but not by me. Thanks to your “stay strong” I seriously learned to stay strong and to overcame every kind of problem with determination and will to live.

You are my happiness, do you know it? You were always there for me, and not it is my moment to be here for you. I know that exactly is this period you are suffering for the loss of your dad, you can’t even imagine how much sorry I am, I am sorry because I can’t be there, hug you and say there things face to face, by the way now it’s my moment to say you “stay strong”. Never give up. Demi you are our warrior, and TOGETHER we can get through this bad period. As we always did, you and your loving lovatics.

Oh the 5th June I did had the chance to see you in Milan, but I am some one day will be my turn.

Se you soon Demi

With love

One of the 20 million


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