#16 From Chiara to Demi

Hi Demi, my name’s Chiara and I’m Italian!! this is my message for you… first of all I want to thank you cause your voice saved and always save me,you’ve helped me in a very very difficult period of my life,and now I’m strong! you are more than my idol for me,you’re my inspiration, you are literally my guiding light in the dark,without your support (though distant but so to my heart) I can’t be who I am now, Every time that I feel alone or lost or when I can’t find the strength to go forward, turn on your music and go back to smile, thank you for making me strong I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done, you’ve always been there for me as for millions of Lovatics, now we’ll be there for you,we’ll stay with you until the end,thank you for all!!


One thought on “#16 From Chiara to Demi

  1. Hi Chiara, this is my private profile, after answer even with the ‘official aww, thank you so much to you, thanks again, it’s thanks to you Lovatics if I’m still here! I love you so much you are my everything to me! my everything! 🙂 THANKS

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