#8 From Jessica to Demi

Demi Lovato, you have not only inspired me to be confident with myself. You have made me realise that we are all perfect in our own little ways, even if its just our smile that’s perfect, that’s one thing that can make everyone feel confident, this shows people that were happy and confident with who we are. Demi’s Album unbroken was the most perfect album in the world, whenever I was down I used to get my phone or iPad and just sit listening to Demi’s album over and over, it used to make me the happiest girl ever. Now she has released DEMI, now I have been listening to that album since last night and I can honestly say you have done all us Lovatics proud. I thought unbroken was perfect but DEMI is just F L A W L E S S. Demi has not only inspired a few people, but she has inspired not only 13 millions fans, but many more people in the world, her being open about her story has made a big difference in helping people speak out about their issues, and issues the same or similar to Demi’s. You have honestly made many people in this world be confident and open about everything without the fear of being judged or people turning against them. I am 1 of the many millions of people you have helped, you haven’t helped me with serious issues such as yourself because I don’t suffer from those, but you have helped me be confident about myself, and your music has helped me when I’m upset. One day I hope to form a charity with your help to help people who suffer from issues, such as the one’s you suffered from, especially self harming. Whenever I hear of someone self harming ill follow them on twitter, or add them on Facebook and I’ll tell them that I’m there for them, they may not know me, but I want to be there for them so they have at least someone to talk to or turn too when they need someone so badly. It breaks my heart to know people self harm because they believe no body likes them or not there for them, but I want to be there for them. So one day i would like you to help me either set up a charity or help support. There is so much more I could say, how much you mean to me and how much I would love to meet you. You seriously need to come to England, so I can get concert tickets and meet you, it’s honestly my biggest dream ever to meet you or even just a tweet off you. But one day we will be best friends, so I’ll meet you then. Haha!
Thank you for everything, I LOVE YOU!
I hope that you will see this some how, if not then at least people know how much you’ve inspired me.
Thank you, follow me on twitter Or tweet me if you see this. @JESSMARIEMONK
I love you, love Jessica xxxxxx


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