#9 From Hannah to Demi

Hi Demi,
My name is Hannah, My twitter name is @hannahvarneyy just so that you can creep on me if you want. I love you so so so much, you are my idol, my role model and my inspiration and I am proud to call myself a Lovatic, even though I haven’t been a Lovatic from the beginning, I was a big fan but then you helped me with so many problems, so I became obsessed and I will support you forever and ever, no matter what happens!!
I suffer from Trichotillomania which is a disease where I pick my eyebrows and eyelashes out but it’s mainly known for people picking hair from their scalp which I did for a while when I was younger, I have had this since I was about 9/10 and it’s still going on when I am nearly 16. I got bullied about it for years, I always feel that I’m ugly because of it and I have very low self esteem but just with your music, and the things that you went through and then coming out on top, helped me so much to forget about the bullies and rise above the hate like a Skyscraper!!! My Dad still isn’t very supportive which makes it worse for me because he always shouts at me for picking out my eyelashes and eyebrows when i can’t help it, I never know what and when I’m doing it, but at night I just listened to your music and made me feel so happy and just made me forget everything for the rest of that night. I did go to counselling for a while but you were the one that kept me going and kept me Strong!! Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just write Stay Strong on my wrists and just look at it and makes me feel Stronger.
I feel alot happier in myself, just because of you, reading your Buddha tweets and posting amazing, beautiful pictures of yourself, especially the ones with no make-up helped me to not wear as much make-up ♥
I have never met you, I have never been to a concert which I am so upset about but I know that one day that will happen and I hope that I will look pretty, and it will be greatest day of my life and I will cherish it forever!!!!
You and Selena Gomez make my life complete and are just so beautiful and talented and I love you two together and together you have helped me through these struggles but also if I’m just having a bad day.
I am so proud of you that you have saved and changed so many people’s lives.
I just love you so so so much and Thank You for being you!!! I don’t think I can thank you enough but thank you ♥

Lots of Love
Your Lovatic,  Hannah


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