#19 From Leen to Demi

Dear Demi <3,

       Words cannot describe how much you and your music are an inspiration for me, I look up to you more than anyone else because you connect to us more than anyone else and what you’ve been through is what most of us are suffering from, every time I feel down and get on the edge of falling apart I just listen to your music, because you said “When you feel alone, put on my music and I’ll be there for you” and that’s what I do, and not one day passes without listening to you.
Just don’t forget how much you’ve changed in this cruel world and how many people you’ve saved because you were brave enough to show the real Demi <3. We love you no matter what and Stay Strong as you have always been we support you and always will <3. I’m sorry for your loss may your dad rest in peace ❤  
Love coming all The way from Saudi Arabia (Middle East): 
                     Leen (@LeenTheLovatic) 

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