#29 From Asya to Demi

Hi, my Name is Asya and I’m 15 years old. Demi, you saved me from cutting! I was cutting myself because I have problems at home and I hate myself. But you and your music saved me. I’ve never seen you because I live in Germany.  I love you so much, you are my Idol since 7 years and I thank you so much. But my problem is that I can’t stop it. I’m addicted to it. But sometimes you saved me. I hope I can meet you soon.


#28 From Andrea to Demi

Hey my name is Andrea and I’m from Colombia. I also suffered bullying at school and even in the street, I hated the people because they hurt me! You are an inspiration for me because you helped me to be strong.. my parents said “leave that girl, she did not help, she doesn’t even know you exist” I’m just cry, and  God helped me through you.. I hurt myself… but I’m here, I’m stronger!! I love God and I love you…

#27 From Carla to Demi

Hi Demi 🙂

So… My name is Carla, I’m 14 and I really did not think to send this message because I am less courageous than I look physically, if you know what I mean!
First of all, I want to tell you that I am very proud of you, you’re really strong! You know, I’m not ready to talk about my problems, but your songs make me happy! Your words touch me deeply and .. I cry every time I listen to “Believe in me” because right now, I do not believe in me, I’m trying to do it! But I can not do it, it hurts me a lot, it’s sad but I am there for my close friends, my family and you ..
Because I think one day maybe we will have the opportunity to talk face to face, I need you in my life!

I just want you to know that I love you, I love you the way you are. You’re perfect to my eyes and the eyes of all your fans!

#25 From Pritha to Demi

Dear Demi Lovato,

My name is Pritha (pronounced Preeta)and I am a 16 year old girl (or should I say Lovatic? hehe) from Auckland in New Zealand. I have suffered from anorexia, depression and self harm, and I would not have been able to recover without you. You saved my life and I am so grateful to you. You have taught me how to love my body for the way it is, and that I “do not have to succumb to what other people want you to look like. It’s about accepting yourself, loving yourself, and being grateful.” You are the most inspirational role model anyone could ever have. If I ever think I can’t make it, I just think, ‘if Demi did it, I can do it’, and it honestly helps so much. I LOVE my body for what it is, and I now realise that I don’t have to be stick thin to be beautiful, and I can now look in the mirror and think, “I look beautiful today.” I wouldn’t have been able to do that without you. You are my Warrior Demi, and I can’t thank you enough :’)

But, what I really want to share with you is something I have recently completed, and something I am extremely proud of. I believe teenagers suffering from mental illnesses like eating disorders, depression, anxiety and many others are overlooked, and many of them are lying in hospital with no hope. I decided to do something to help. I love writing, and it is something that played a huge role with my own recovery. I decided to write a book of inspirational and hopeful poetry to donate to multiple inpatient units and adolescent mental health wards in Auckland. I called my book Standing in the Light, and I am so proud of it. It took me about 13 weeks to write, and I am overwhelmed with the feedback I have received from the hospitals, so much so, that I cried when reading what some of the clinicians were saying about it. I really feel like it is making a difference to people’s lives, and it is the most amazing feeling in the world. I also got to have a story in my local newspaper about the book and spreading awareness around mental health in teenagers. You were the inspiration for this project, Demi. I wanted to be like you, spreading the word and helping others who were once where I was. Publishing the book and having people read the poetry was an extremely hard thing for me to do, because it came straight from the heart and having others read it, particularly my family, made me feel naked. I know that’s how you feel with Warrior, and I am so proud of you for releasing that song- it is one of my favourites, and is my go-to when I’m struggling. I now understand my book is doing the same thing. By overcoming my own fears of being vulnerable, it is helping others, and it is so, so worth it. My greatest wish is to meet you and thank you for saving me, and also, my ultimate dream is for you to read my book, or even just a few of the poems. I would love to send a book to you, however I know it will probably never reach you. I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you have been, and will forever be to myself and so many others all over the world. I’m staying strong for you Demi. And because of you, I have been able to do so many things with my life I never dreamed of doing. So thank you so, so much.

I love you more than anything.



P.S. Please come to New Zealand some day! We all love you here ❤

#24 From Kat to Demi

Dear Demi,
I suffer from OCD, depression and self harm. I’ve never really had a high self esteem, so  when I started taking it out on myself, I thought I was alone. When I heard your story, I felt like someone understood me. I felt like if you were brave and strong, I could be too. I’m trying to get better, and your music and love has helped more then you will ever know. I want to say thank you. Thank you for being brave, for showing me that I’m not alone, that REAL girls can be beautiful. Thank you for saving me. I will support you forever. I love you to the moon and back. xo

Love, Kat.

#23 From Sinead to Demi

Hey Demi.. I hope you see the messages people wrote (and you too Dallas)
But I just wanted to say this much because I hope you smile while reading the messages people have given so far..
I suffer from similar things to you (Demi)so I know how bad it hurts, and all the times I’ve wanted to give up, and let me tell you that was a lot of times, when the urges,dark thoughts come creeping back in, and I nearly listen to them but I remember ‘look, demi when through this, she fights these horrible thoughts and urges, I’m sure I can’ I lie down, relax, play your music and remind myself everything is going to be okay.. Like I was nearly hospitalised cause I want a bit crazy yano. And when the bullies words come creeping back into your head its like ‘ugh here we go again’, we can all get through this together, you’re never alone in this world..Sure I’m still trying to survive, sure I came out with scars. But the one thing that gets me through each night is you, I’m being treated for my mental illness, I’m realising what I need to do to make it right and I’m in the middle of losing my granddad, who is like a dad to me.
But all I want to say is that YOU get thousands, even millions of people through their darkest days. Think about the amount of people repeating ‘if demi can do it so can I’ , that’s means you can get through a loss yourself, you can fight the horrible urges, we love you more than words can explain and remember one day you said you wanted to save a life? well you have. You deserve a world full of happiness, but that’s doesn’t come without sadness, you’ve two nightingales now, we’re so proud of you and I hope you feel better soon.
Because of you I embrace my curves, I spent so long trying to get rid of them but they’re very stubborn! I know I’ve been babbling on but I just want you to know you can do this, let go of the regrets, take a break, you’ve done more than you can imagine and we love you. Stay strong, stay unbroken<3
From Sinead
one of your millions of lovatics<3