#23 From Sinead to Demi

Hey Demi.. I hope you see the messages people wrote (and you too Dallas)
But I just wanted to say this much because I hope you smile while reading the messages people have given so far..
I suffer from similar things to you (Demi)so I know how bad it hurts, and all the times I’ve wanted to give up, and let me tell you that was a lot of times, when the urges,dark thoughts come creeping back in, and I nearly listen to them but I remember ‘look, demi when through this, she fights these horrible thoughts and urges, I’m sure I can’ I lie down, relax, play your music and remind myself everything is going to be okay.. Like I was nearly hospitalised cause I want a bit crazy yano. And when the bullies words come creeping back into your head its like ‘ugh here we go again’, we can all get through this together, you’re never alone in this world..Sure I’m still trying to survive, sure I came out with scars. But the one thing that gets me through each night is you, I’m being treated for my mental illness, I’m realising what I need to do to make it right and I’m in the middle of losing my granddad, who is like a dad to me.
But all I want to say is that YOU get thousands, even millions of people through their darkest days. Think about the amount of people repeating ‘if demi can do it so can I’ , that’s means you can get through a loss yourself, you can fight the horrible urges, we love you more than words can explain and remember one day you said you wanted to save a life? well you have. You deserve a world full of happiness, but that’s doesn’t come without sadness, you’ve two nightingales now, we’re so proud of you and I hope you feel better soon.
Because of you I embrace my curves, I spent so long trying to get rid of them but they’re very stubborn! I know I’ve been babbling on but I just want you to know you can do this, let go of the regrets, take a break, you’ve done more than you can imagine and we love you. Stay strong, stay unbroken<3
From Sinead
one of your millions of lovatics<3

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