#89 From Kat to Demi

Hi Demi,
What can I say about you? First of all, you are the coolest singer I have ever liked and listened to and you are an inspiration for me and many of my friends. Your songs ‘Made In The USA’ and ‘Heart Attack’ are two of my favorite songs that you have made. Happy 21st Birthday and I wish you the best; I will be watching The X Factor Season 3 this year so I’m excited to see you on it again!

Love Kat B (@1Dluver455 on twitter)


#88 From Ramazan to Demi

Hi Demi

I am Ramazan Kirman from Turkey. I am 15 years old.

I am Lovatic since 2010. Everyday I  listen to your music because it makes me happy. I hope one day I’ll meet you. It’s my dream .You are the love of my life. I love you so much…

Happy Birthday to my Princess ❤

#87 From Lilly to Demi

Uhhmmm well… Demi, happy birthday! I have so much to say, but very little words because I’m like I’m in shock cause probably you can see this, I don’t know if you actually would, but I’m gonna give you all I got and I’m going to stay by your side until the day I will die. You mean so much to me,  Demi I love you and hope you have a great birthday you deserve it so umm bye ❤

Well any ways….. Happy birthday

#86 From Tainá to Demi

I would like to wish a happy birthday to a very special person that suffered from bullying, but she did not gave up  even when it seemed impossible… you did not give up…. even when you were cutting, we did not give up because ….  Demi Lovato is our  warrior princess; she tries to make the world better … I’m Taina Gomes, I live in Brazil in São Paulo, and I will never give up, no matter what… You don’t know me, but I would like to see you just for a minute….

#84 From Mélissa to Demi

Happy 21st Birthday to you my Idol!!!

Demi today is a special Day for you, but for me too because it’s you B-Day… I’m so proud of you and others Lovatics are too, You have never give up because this year is the moment of truth: you released Heart Attack, the album with amazing songs and now the whole world finally realize that you’re a great singer!!! 🙂 I love you Demi and I wll do it forever… You have got the best voice , you reach so high notes so when I listen to your songs I’ve got shiver! I just want to sing like you… This is what I have to tell you, I want to tell more, but this one is essential. I love you,  words can’t tell all the things I want to tell you. I hope you will spend your best days in Africa, it’s courageous! HAPPY B-DAY!

#83 From Tuqba to Demi

Hi! DEMI I am a Turkish LOVATIC.
I hope you will have a  very happy life ❤
You are my idol, you are the reason that I’m living; If you cry, I cry. Don’t let anybody bother you. You are the most important THING in my life ❤
I love you soo much. I hope you will always be happy… for yourself, for us ❤