#30 From Katja to Demi

Hey! My name is Katja, I’m 19 years old and I’m from very small country next to Italia called Slovenia.

I took song titles and some of the lyrics and wrote this.

I still remember your promise from  LA LA LAND that you are not gonna change and that you are staying yourself. And I am so happy to say that you kept your promise. You grew up and you went through so many things, but you didn’t change. You just matured and became stronger than ever. Sometimes I wanna GET BACK to the old days, but knowing that those were the darkest days, weeks and months of your life and your problems were a TRAINWRECK, make me glad that those days are behind you and us, your Lovatics. Now, we can get our PARTY on. We are always here for you and we love you no matter what, and that’s something we’ll never leave it ON THE LINE. Please, just DON’T FORGET that. If I’m ever photographed by paparazzi, I hope I’m GONNA GET CAUGHT hanging with you, because you showed me what I couldn’t find, when our TWO WORLDS COLLIDE and I wanna be somewhere in  THE MIDDLE of your awesomeness. Everybody has a role model. UNTIL YOU’RE MINE (that means forever) I’ll keep fighting critics inside my head that I’m not good enough or beautiful. You’re not my role model just because you are an amazing actress and singer (an artist), beautiful inside and out, but mainly because you showed me how to BELIEVE IN ME.

When I see you smiling, I’m thinking HERE WE GO AGAIN, because your smile always puts a smile on my face, even if I’m sad. And I’m so thankful for that. Also remember that if you go through a rough time, you never have to do it by yourself as SOLO, because your family, your friends and a bunch of Lovatics is here for you. People might say U GOT NOTHING ON ME, but your perfection is FALLING OVER ME. And when is too QUIET in the world, I just put your music on, and everything gets better. All grey colors turn into a beautiful rainbow. I know that even if we’ll never meet, you will always CATCH ME with your inspiration quotes and songs, when I’ll feel like falling. And EVERY TIME YOU LIE that you feel alright, but you actually don’t, I just wanna run to you and give you the biggest hug ever and tell you how beautiful, strong and amazing person you are. And you now what? You GOT DYNAMITE in your voice, because it’s so powerful and so awesome, that I just can’t go a day without listening it. And with it, you can STOP THE WORLD and make it listen. There is a WORLD OF CHANCES and I’m so happy that you got your chance to shine, be yourself and to tell the world your story and with it help so many young people all over the world. Because of you we don’t surrender, but we REMEMBER DECEMBER, when Santa Claus was our only hero and now our heroine is you. You’ve been bruised and you’ve been broken, but you came through and became stronger, and I am so happy to know that broken and sad little girl is EVERYTHING YOU’RE NOT anymore. You’re the one person who helps us to find the beauty we are and if we can say that God is our friend then you’re definitely a GIFT OF A FRIEND. You having a dream was just the beginning, but your dreams became reality and you came SO FAR, SO GREAT and Lovatics couldn’t be more proud of you.          

If you would ask me and other Lovatics to stay awake with you ALL NIGHT LONG and laugh, sing, dance or cry … you know we would. And there can be a cute guy standing next to you, but we won’t ask WHO’S THAT BOY, because guys they want you, girls they wanna be, and we all know who this amazing girl with big brown eyes is. That’s you. And that cute boy you will marry someday must give you guarantee that you’re the only girl he sees and he is supposed to say to you: “YOU’RE MY ONLY SHORTY.” But don’t forget that no matter when your prince charming comes, Lovatics are always here for you. We’re united for you and we stick TOGETHER through happiness and sadness. And our love, support and dedication for you is not LIGHTWEIGHT, it’s very strong and will forever be UNBROKEN, just like you, a girl who could FIX A HEART of herself and hearts of so many other people. Lovatics will always  HOLD UP everything just to see you smile, because we know that supporting you is not a MISTAKE.  We wish no one will break your heart again and that the right guy will GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK and make you happy for the rest of your life. But right now, Lovatics are making you happy. We want to tell you that we couldn’t possibly be prouder of you.  Some people took everything you had, broke everything you were, they tried to tear you down, but  you have risen from the ground like a SKYSCRAPER and you told us to stay strong as a skyscraper, no matter what comes on our ways and really means a lot to have a role model who cares about her fans. In dreams or IN REAL LIFE, you are such an inspiration and such an amazing person. And remember that MY LOVE IS LIKE A STAR and Lovatics are always here for you, even when you can’t see us, we’re always near and you are never alone. And we’re sure Patrick was trying to be a better person FOR THE LOVE OF A DAUGHTER. We’re sending you and Dallas all our love and support. Patrick, rest in peace, we’ll never be able to thank you enough for giving us an angel, called Demi.

If I would ever meet you in person, I would have a  HEART ATTACK, because handling so much perfection around me it’s just something unbelievable. But don’t worry about it, I would be fine (I think), so I’ll keep dreaming about meeting you someday, because no matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know that my support will never break because you were MADE IN THE USA. There may come days that you feel like you’re are living WITHOUT THE LOVE, but remember that your Lovatics love you unconditionally and for you we would make whole word shine like a NEON LIGHTS just to prove you our love. Few years ago we’re only lost children, trying to find a friend, but then you came into our lives and you took TWO PIECES of a broken heart and we found a friend, we found a hero. You’re our NIGHTINGALE, you bring us peace, you’re light which takes us home, you speak to us, when we’re feeling like hell and we really don’t know what we’d do without you.  IN CASE we’re feeling alone, we know that your music is always there for us, and it can make us know that we belong somewhere and we are worth living. And even if the stars and moon collide, we know you’ll never say you REALLY DON’T CARE for your Lovatics, because we know you do, just as much as we care for you. And we know there’s an “S” under your clothes, because you really are a Superwoman and a  FIRE STARTER, because you started this passion inside us and you make our blood run faster and melt our hearts like water. People may say we’re just fans, but that’s SOMETHING THAT WE’RE NOT, because we are not just fans, we’re Lovatics – a family! You fought through the darkness and brought yourself back to life and we would run through fire for you, like you have NEVER BEEN HURT. People who let you down when you needed them SHOULDN’T COME BACK into your life, because you don’t need them. You have an amazing family, real friends and so many Lovatics from all over the world and we’ll stand by you no matter what you do or what happen. You’ve been broken. Then you became stronger and then unbroken. Now, you’re a true WARRIOR and lot of people are warriors because of you.

Because of you, we believe there are ANGELS AMONG US, because you’re our angel, sent down to us from somewhere up above. You come to us in our darkest hours to show us how to live, to teach us how to give, to guide us with the light of love and especially teach us how to believe in ourselves.   

Lovatics are sooooooo proud of you and we are always here for you angel.  Always stay strong queen D!


THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for people, you’re making this world a better place!

Once a Lovatic, always a Lovatic! Love from sLOVEnia.



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