#31 From Jill to Demi

Dear Demi,
        I know you probably get tons of mails everyday form your fans all over the world tanking you for saving their lives….but this one is a little different. I am not writing to you because you have saved my life, I am writing to you because you have helped me get through it!
        I dont have a tragic story or event to share with you that has changed my life. I have been very fortunate to be brought up in a place where I have been free of any major pain. I am just an ordinary girl from a small town trying to survive living in the city. I am on my own going to university and working when never I can just to be able to stand on my own two feet. The everyday struggles of school, work, watching my friends grow apart and get married to have families of their own, feeling single and alone….and just figuring out what I want in life and who I want to be! These are all struggles I face everyday and these are all struggles I hide by just putting on a smile.
      There is one part of my day that I love the most and this is why I wanted to thank you. Every day I ride the bus for 45 mins  to go to  work and for 30 mins to go to school. During this time I get to escape it all… Once I get on that bus I put my headphones in, turn up the volume and shut out the world. Music is my escape. Your music (especially your new album) has helped me escape and survive the world around me.
       Your music makes it easy for girls like me to relate too, and it makes us feel a little less alone in this world. For that, I really want to say thank-you! My family isn’t always around and unfortunately neither are my friends sometimes. So thank-you for being there for me when nobody else was.
        I know that for a lot of people you are an inspiration because you have been kicked & broken and you survived & thrived. For me, you are definitely an inspiration to keep going. Your song writing and lyrics are what really hit home for me and a lot of people all over the world.
       I’m not sure you will ever receive this letter but if you do, just know that I am proud of you for being an inspiration and role model to people all over the world who are struggling, even everyday girls like me. Thank-you for being real, thank-you for being honest and thank-you for not changing who you are.

                                                                                     Xo’ Jill

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