#32 From Michaela to Demi

My name is Michaela Blessing, I am in eighth grade and this is my story… Before 5th grade I was super confident. I knew that I didn’t look like the other girls and I was proud of that. I would jokingly go to my friends and say, ” I love my stomach it’s my baby!” All my friends would laugh and so would I. Then in February of the next year, I said the same thing and everyone, including myself, were laughing. Until one girl said, ” Yeah, it looks like there is a baby in there too!” Everyone laughed at that, except for me. I sat there and tried not to cry and tried to laugh it off with everyone. I knew that I didn’t look like them, but hearing it from them kind of hurt me. From then on, I was not confident about myself at all. I thought that all I did was screw things up. I would constantly run my hands on my stomach and cover my stomach with my arms at school. I didn’t want it to be there. All the “popular kids” would talk about me and I knew it. What hurt more was that, they knew that I knew what they were saying. By 6th grade, I had absolutely no confidence, but I acted like I did. All my friends had no idea what I was/am going through. By the end of the year I started to self harm, and hide it. This past year, 7th grade, wasn’t as bad. But, I still felt pretty bad. I have never been bullied a lot, but all it takes is once, or a few times. I have lost a lot of friends that I was very close to. Some days, I feel so bad, that I don’t want to eat, but I do because I am being strong. Whenever I feel bad I listen to Demi’s music and that is what gets me through. Now, I am healthy. I feel better than I did in times before. I have lost weight and am now more confident. I am still struggling to say that I love myself, but I can proudly say that I am a warrior and I wouldn’t of been able to do it without Demi.

                             With Love,
                             Michaela Blessing


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