#33 From Morgan to Demi

Hello, my name is Morgan Sciscoe, I know weird last name right? This is my story.. I’m an eighth grader from a small town in Indiana. My life on the outside seems pretty normal and decent, but on the inside its different. Let’s start from the beginning; I started at a new school in 4th grade, it was a very small, family friendly town, A lot different than my old school. The first year there was good, I made a few new friends, it was just the start. In the 5th grade I made a group of friends, the four of us did eveeything together, I was happy. My school has a tradition, every fifth grade class goes on a camping trip at this place called, Bradford Woods, for three days. I decided to go. The first day was fun, everything seemed good and normal. The second day started good, it was extremely cold, like 29 degrees in sweatshirts! It came to game time, so all of my friends chose capture the flag. We stood out there shivering waiting to play, one of my friends kept hugging me, I got weird feelings every time she did. (Take note that I was 11 and didn’t understand) After she hugged me and we cuddled for the last time we played the game, but I still had funny feelings. After the game it all hit me, I liked this girl. Not like a friend way, but more. I liked her like I was supposed to like a guy. Stupid me decided to tell all my friends, they acted like it was cool and that they still loved me but they told two other girls, who are very religous and very strict on their beliefs, they didn’t like it. They decided to tell the entire school. I got bullied because I was different. Everyone acted like I didn’t exist, I lost all of my friends and the bullying got worse. I was always sad and put down. I became depressed by the sixth grade and started to self harm. I made a new group of friends and the bullying stopped, but I still didn’t want to be who I was, gay. So I continued to self harm and it became an addiction. I was also suicidal. It got to the point were I would wear long sleeves in the summer to cover up. I didn’t tell anyone. One day I was in the car listening to the radio, looking out the window. Skyscraper came on for the first time, I almost changed the station but something caught my ear. I could hear the emotion and pain behind the song. I could feel it. From that moment on I started listening to Demi, looking into her music, her history. When Stay Strong came out I watched every second of it and just cried. I was amazed. I fell in love with Demi. She gave me hope st the best time. As seventh grade came around I was more confident in who I was, I accepted it. It turned out to be a good year, finally. I’m happier, I don’t have as many scars. I don’t fake a smile, because now I’m a warrior. If I’m every feeling down, I just think of Demi and her hope and will. I listen to her music and I’m happy again. Demi Lovato gave me hope, and saved my life.

All my heart,
Morgan Sciscoe. 


One thought on “#33 From Morgan to Demi

  1. I read your story, when we were at the party the other day you played Demi’s songs a lot, I knew you loved her but I never knew it was so deep. Sciscoe, I would like you to know that you will always have friends who love and support you and nothing will change that. You are my friend for a reason and thats because you are simply awesome so whenever you feel down remember there are many people who love you.
    -your friend Matt
    P.S.: I created an account just to comment on this so I probably won’t get a reply back if you decide to send one.

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