#35 From Noemi to Demi

Dear Demi,
My name is Noemí but everybody calls me Noe. I’m 13 years old and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I’m a HUGE fan of you. I’m a LOVATIC.
You are my idol, you saved my life with your story. When I was younger I didn’t use to like you but, one year ago, EXACTLY one year, my sister told me your story and I fell in love with you.
And you saved me because you taught me how to be strong. Words can bring me down. No matter what people say, I have to feel beautiful. 
My life at school is not very easy. People insult me and I usually feel alone. I think I an not worth, I think I have no friends, nobody understands me… and things like that.
But you are always there. Your music, your smile, the crazy things you always do, YOU. You are always by my side. Embracing me and singing your songs. 
Your the strongest, Demi. You survived. You got to the top. I love you.
Once I was at school and it was playground time. And a group of people started insulting me and I wasn’t brave enough, so I run to the toilet and started to cry. But then I thought: “Demi is next to you. Demi survived, why not you?”. And I wipe my tears and sang your song, Warrior, quietly. I took a pen and I wrote “Stay Strong” on my arm. And I just felt strong enough. I opened the toilet’s door and went outside, with I smile on my face.
But that’s not the only thing you did to me. Your music is so real, I identify with most of the songs. Thank you. 
I always argue with my parents. And when I say always, I mean ALWAYS. All the time. I almost never speak with them of my problems because I think they don’t understand me. They are always shouting at me, they say I don’t do anything correctly, and that hurts. I feel like nobody loves me. Even my parents think I’m nothing. That hurts. Then I think I don’t deserve to live. But I’ll never cut or kill myself because I have you in my life. 
I have my idols, beside me. Protecting me.
And my dream is that you come to Barcelona to perform and you sing your songs with all your love. I wanna see you live, I want to know that you are only a few metres from me. 
I love you, thanks for everything.
A true and loyal lovatic.

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