#40 From Abish to Demi

Dear Demi,
Hi. My name is Abish, 16 years old and I’m from the Philippines. I’m a big fan and I look up to you as a wonderful person. I really do consider you a inspiration and my role model.
Growing up in a place where everybody considers beautiful synonymous to being white, thin, tall, straight hair, big eyes, and petite frame is hard especially when you are the complete opposite of it. It sticks to your mind that this is what is TRULY acceptable and what I should be too. It lead to feeling unconfident, hating myself, doubting my abilities and never being proud of who I really am. I never actually devoted time to developing my talents because I thought that they were useless compared to the other girls who are pretty and are admired by everybody. I kept pulling myself down by comparing myself to others and feeding my insecurities. I felt ashamed of my whole being. I wasn’t proud of it. I felt alone despite all the love my family gives me and all the support that my mom gives me. I felt like I needed someone who understands me. And then Demi Lovato came along.
I heard your songs and was at awe. You are so amazing and beautiful. Then I read about your story. What you went through and what you had to do to overcome your trials. You unwavering sense of strength inspired me to look at the brighter side of things and believe in who I am. Your songs were power anthems that pulled me out of despair. They inspired me to believe and love myself.
I hope you read this and know what a huge fan I am. You can here in the Philippines and I desperately wanted to attend your concert to see and hear you sing but I wasn’t able to afford tickets. But I pray with all my heart to see you someday. Somewhere, somehow, someday. I know deep in my soul that I would get to see you and hopefully sing with you too. Stay strong and God bless you Demi. 
Thank you for everything. I love you! Abish. xx

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