#42 From Emilie to Demi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW YOU´RE 21 YEARS OLD!!!!! (and I´m 14…) but you´re kinda my best friend even though we’ve never met. I talk to u all the time… this is weird…. so my name is Emilie Hemsett and I’m from Norway:) You have A LOT of Lovatics here. When you’re done with XF & you’re going on tour, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO NORWAY NORWAY NORWAY! We want you here so bad! I’m speaking on behalf of my country!

B to the O to the U to the N to the C to the E wait I can’t dance, thats okay we’ll show u how to BOUNCE
That´s basically my FAVORITE song of all times:) HAHAHAHA and BTW your laugh make my day almost every day!
okay so go to youtube and search this: Demi Lovato laugh compilation
THANK U FOR SAVING MY LIFE! I’m NOT just writing it, it’s the truth; and you have saved and changed my life for the better. 100% better tumblr_mqyhwtHfPd1r8w1d3o1_250.gif
You know, I do not draw or anything, but this is my drawing of u (without hair) I’m sorry that I drew your nose soooo big….. my bad 🙂  my twitter username is @hemsett
So if u ever decide  to do a gig in Norway,  make sure to sing Bounce!!!! HAHAHAHA
AND one question: what’s your fav?? “LOL” or “HAHAHAHAHA”
You´re AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, EXTREMELY STRONG, TALENTED, MY IDOL and the only thing that’s “big” on you is your HEART<3 It´s EXTREMELY big.

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