#53 From Eileen to Demi

Dear Demi,

            I can’t begin to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me.  I am 20 years old and have only 1 real friend and I got made fun of a lot all through out high school and still to this day.  There were days where I contemplated my existence, days where I took things out on myself (stopped eating or over ate, punched walls and things etc.), and days where I would be perfectly fine and happy.  But on those days where I would be miserable, which was more times than not, you were the only REAL one who was there for me when no one else was.  I remember I wrote the lyrics down to Believe In Me on a piece of paper and I always kept it on me, even during school I would keep it a notebook or something and anytime I felt alone or insecure I took it out and read it. Same thing with Skyscraper when it came out…and now Warrior! That is 3 songs that I have written down or sung in my head anytime I needed to get through a hard time….Not to mention all your other awesome songs! I saw you in 2008 with the Jonas Brothers at Jones Beach on Long Island, New York and then again two days later at Madison Square Garden.  I saw you on May 14th when your CD came out at Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island but never got to meet you, just admired you from afar. Then again on June 21st on Long Island at the X Factor Auditions, then saw you a week later on June 28th 2013 at GMA! I was 2 feet away from you when you did your entrance and I was in complete shock!! You are even more beautiful in person!  Your songs are so inspiring and your voice is angelic!  I can’t even pick a favorite because they are all so amazing! But right now Warrior is my jam.  Because of you I learned to handle things in a better way.  It’s been a year since I punched walls, instead I turned to writing.  I wrote a book on my personal experiences and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.  But it was better than hurting myself.  You have given me the strength to accept myself and be more comfortable with myself.  And I can’t thank you enough for that!!! I have been a Lovatic long before any of this stuff that happened to you even came out, right down to watching you on Barney! Don’t ever change the way you are!! I can promise you I will NEVER change who I am for anyone! Your smile is amazing and your laugh is contagious. I hope one day I will actually meet you and say this to you in person and give you a giant hug, that would make my whole life! HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY DEMI!!!! I LOVE YOU!  #Lovatic4Life #GETCRAZY #GETCRUNK 

Love always,

Eileen ( @MiZsOfTbALL13 )


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