#61 From Shaimae to Demi

Happy Birthday to the most talented Women this planet has ever seen. I don’t have the words to say how much you helped me through everything, to feel confident with my body and all… I just love you and wish you the most amazing HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyone can wish for. I look up to you so much for what you’re doing for everyone around you! You made me realise I want to help people just like you and to find my place in this world and I owe you for that. I wanted to say thank you and even if I’ve never met you; I know that you are the most sweet, loving, caring person this planet has ever seen and I wish to tell you this in person one day. But until then just know that JE T’AIME (I love you) and I couldn’t wish for a better role model than you! Actually the other day my mother said you were a real artist and I felt so proud,  I don’t even know why. Anyway, again Happy Birthday!! ♥
Love from France,
Shaimae (aka @thehappyfaces )


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