#73 From Hessa to Demi

Hey Demi ! I’m Hessa from Saudi Arabia, I don’t know how express my feelings or what I’m thinking but, I just want to tell HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THIS PLANET 😱🎉🎉🎉❤ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😭❤❤I REALLY WISH YOU THE BEST LIFE EVER 😢❤❤And I want  you to know  you are the STRONGEST woman I’ve ever seen in my life✨ !!!!!! You are my idol, role model, inspiration and my LIFE😫❤ You mean the WORLD to me! My dream is to meet you and talk with you and THANK YOU for being YOU and for being ALWAYS there for me💕 I don’t have a sad story to tell, but I related to your story because it’s real I can feel the pain! Always remember that you are a WARRIOR 🔫🙅 and I’ll always be there for you for the rest of my life! I’m one of your biggest & craziest Lovatics in the WORLD😫❤🌍.

Stay Strong Beautiful We Will Always Love You Demi 💜💪.                  

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