#82 From Angelica to Demi

Dear Demi :

Hello,  if you see this it would totally make my day / life / birthday!
Do you know how much inspiring you are for me?
I love you so much with all my heart, you are so talented and blessed to even have the life you are living now.
Your life is my dream life.
I wish I grow up to be like you and tell others to not give up and to Stay Strong all the times, even when it is hard!
I love your tattoos they all have beautiful meaning and I love it.
Everything about your body and personality is perfect.
Well, maybe I’ll meet you one day… who knows! Since I was about 9, I didn’t know I was a Lovatic; until I figured out your fanbase’s name!
Lol , so I’m a “Lovatic forever” and I always will be here to support you, no matter what. Baby, I love you and I hope you will find the perfect guy for you soon, not now but soon!
I listen to your songs everyday to keep me up, I even have my binder filled with your quotes and photos!
From La La Land to Heart Attack or from Dont Forget to Demi ❤
Haha 21 years of pure perfection.
I love you Demetria Devonne Lovato 😘 ❤
God Bless you . ✞


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