#90 From Kat to Demi

Hi I’m Kat and I was diagnosed with depression in April this year. I’ve been depressed ever since I was 7/8 years old because that was when I first got bullied, I was physically bullied and I only really had one friend. I been bullied for 9 years and people don’t seem to stop. All people do now in school is just look at me weird, judge me and just laugh about my weight and the way I look. I had an eating disorder when I was 11 since I was called fat all the time and I started self harming when I was 12 because everything got worse each time and I just had a mental break down but I remember I stopped harming myself when teachers found out and they were going to tell my mum and I didn’t want that so I stopped for 2 years but I started again this year since everything started to get to me and I broke down again, i have attempted suicide 5 times and started to self harm but I am now 9 weeks clean because of Demi:) her music has helped me so so much and her interviews inspire me to keep going, her voice and smile make me feel happy and when she smiles it makes me smile, seeing what she went through really got me thinking that life is short and I have realised that every minute counts. Demi is the reason I don’t cut anymore and she is the reason I am staying strong and saying ‘I’m fine’ while hiding all my pain is starting to go and when I say ‘I’m fine’ I actually mean it. I will support Demi no matter what as she is my everything, the only person who keeps me going. She is my inspiration.


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