#85 From a lovatic to Demi



#84 From Mélissa to Demi

Happy 21st Birthday to you my Idol!!!

Demi today is a special Day for you, but for me too because it’s you B-Day… I’m so proud of you and others Lovatics are too, You have never give up because this year is the moment of truth: you released Heart Attack, the album with amazing songs and now the whole world finally realize that you’re a great singer!!! 🙂 I love you Demi and I wll do it forever… You have got the best voice , you reach so high notes so when I listen to your songs I’ve got shiver! I just want to sing like you… This is what I have to tell you, I want to tell more, but this one is essential. I love you,  words can’t tell all the things I want to tell you. I hope you will spend your best days in Africa, it’s courageous! HAPPY B-DAY!

#83 From Tuqba to Demi

Hi! DEMI I am a Turkish LOVATIC.
I hope you will have a  very happy life ❤
You are my idol, you are the reason that I’m living; If you cry, I cry. Don’t let anybody bother you. You are the most important THING in my life ❤
I love you soo much. I hope you will always be happy… for yourself, for us ❤

#82 From Angelica to Demi

Dear Demi :

Hello,  if you see this it would totally make my day / life / birthday!
Do you know how much inspiring you are for me?
I love you so much with all my heart, you are so talented and blessed to even have the life you are living now.
Your life is my dream life.
I wish I grow up to be like you and tell others to not give up and to Stay Strong all the times, even when it is hard!
I love your tattoos they all have beautiful meaning and I love it.
Everything about your body and personality is perfect.
Well, maybe I’ll meet you one day… who knows! Since I was about 9, I didn’t know I was a Lovatic; until I figured out your fanbase’s name!
Lol , so I’m a “Lovatic forever” and I always will be here to support you, no matter what. Baby, I love you and I hope you will find the perfect guy for you soon, not now but soon!
I listen to your songs everyday to keep me up, I even have my binder filled with your quotes and photos!
From La La Land to Heart Attack or from Dont Forget to Demi ❤
Haha 21 years of pure perfection.
I love you Demetria Devonne Lovato 😘 ❤
God Bless you . ✞

#81 From Mallory To Demi

Dear Demi,

My name is Mallory Knutson but I like to be called Mal Lovato for fun. Im 14 years old, I live in Minnesota & I hope and pray you will visit here soon. My dream is to meet you. My dream is for you to notice me & show me that you care about me.
When I was younger I was like your number one fan. Your face was all over my walls in my room and people used to think I was obsessed with you. I’m a lovatic and I will always be. My life hasn’t been going that good though because of things that have happened at school. I was bullied a lot & that lead to self harm. The only thing that kept me from self harm was all the things you would post like “stay strong” that actually made me stop because it made me realize wait Demi doesn’t want me to do this. I bet it hurts her that one of her lovatic’s did this to herself. When ever I felt like relapsing I wouldn’t draw a butterfly, I’d write your name. That helped so much actually.
I am now a person people look up to. I save people’s lives like talk them out of suicide and help them though there hard times. But that’s thanks to you.
I never would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you and that’s a good thing.

ANYWAYS, Happy Birthday beautiful ❤ I love you so much and I hope this day is special for you. Keep your head up and stay strong. (:

#79 From Mia to Demi


I can not thank you enough for saving me. I know you obviously get this a lot because you are perfect and the biggest inspiration ever, but you have saved my life. I was at a point where I wanted to give up. Where I was actually going to end up, but thanks to you. I’m still here and I can not thank you as much as I want to. I ant to meet you so bad. I am literally saving up so everything I get. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here and that is a miracle. You’re so so beautiful to me. One day I will meet you. Whenever I am down I really just want to talk to you because I feel like you are the only person who understands me, never give up your career because your music connects to me and helps me through everything. I will always support you with whatever decision you make and I will be with you through everything. I love you so much thank you so much for everything. If you have time would you mind following me, @miasweeneyxo but you don’t have to it would just give me a lot of hope. Once again thank you so much for everything. You are my idol and a true inspiration to me.